Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's time!

So I was reading that normally boys don't start being ready to get potty trained until about 2.5yrs I thought we had more time with diapers and that Angel wouldn't be ready until he lets us know that he has to go. Well guess what, he's been telling us these past couple days that he has "CaCa" we would check and tell him no  you don't baby no he would start pushing his diaper down.....he does that no matter what.....and you can see his little cute booty cheeks ^__^. On Monday he said it and minutes later he we thought aw how cute he told us he had to go, so the next time he had to go he said it again we cked and nothing, minutes later he went, so me and Oni thought hmmmmm lets see where this goes, so yesterday he said it again and he started pulling is diaper off walking around and we had him stop doing that since last time he went and I didn't notice he got it all over him (yes the most disgusting sight ever!!) so he stopped and we pulled up his diaper and minutes later again he went.....So I told Oni that's it we need to get him a potty one that will block his peepee I don't need pee on the floor. So I'm hoping he continues to let us know, even though its only number #2 I hear that's the hardest one to have them do in the potty. If I can get him potty trained before the baby gets here I would be SOOOOOO happy!!! now I just need to get him OFF the bottle, yes Oni and my FIL encourage it to much, I rather he not use it he's to big, I actually need to hide them!!! haha........and he needs to be in his own bed but for now he can still sleep with me.......I will let you know how it goes! Once I get the potty it will be time to work on it I'm just hoping I get support from my in-laws =)


  1. I heard a couple of times that kids mature much quicker when there is a sibling on the way :) Isn't that amazing? So, yes I think you guys should encourage him to go in the potty :)

  2. Yep he is ready. He is trying to get out of the way for the new baby. YAY! Less diapers that's a blessing. Good thing you are home now too.