Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's time!

So I was reading that normally boys don't start being ready to get potty trained until about 2.5yrs I thought we had more time with diapers and that Angel wouldn't be ready until he lets us know that he has to go. Well guess what, he's been telling us these past couple days that he has "CaCa" we would check and tell him no  you don't baby no he would start pushing his diaper down.....he does that no matter what.....and you can see his little cute booty cheeks ^__^. On Monday he said it and minutes later he we thought aw how cute he told us he had to go, so the next time he had to go he said it again we cked and nothing, minutes later he went, so me and Oni thought hmmmmm lets see where this goes, so yesterday he said it again and he started pulling is diaper off walking around and we had him stop doing that since last time he went and I didn't notice he got it all over him (yes the most disgusting sight ever!!) so he stopped and we pulled up his diaper and minutes later again he went.....So I told Oni that's it we need to get him a potty one that will block his peepee I don't need pee on the floor. So I'm hoping he continues to let us know, even though its only number #2 I hear that's the hardest one to have them do in the potty. If I can get him potty trained before the baby gets here I would be SOOOOOO happy!!! now I just need to get him OFF the bottle, yes Oni and my FIL encourage it to much, I rather he not use it he's to big, I actually need to hide them!!! haha........and he needs to be in his own bed but for now he can still sleep with me.......I will let you know how it goes! Once I get the potty it will be time to work on it I'm just hoping I get support from my in-laws =)

Monday, June 18, 2012

11wks and kids updates

Well I'm already 11wks, no major changes other than the typical sleepiness, I'm always tired, if I nap it would be for over an hour, I'm still nauseous if I don't eat on time which is every 2-3hrs unless I have a really big lunch. I am already showing, which is normal for me....I keep hearing my mom and others say I'm wide so it must be a girl, honestly I'm OK no matter what I'm given I have 2 beautiful daughters, and a handsome son, but if its a boy it would work out great since I have tons of Angels cloths and boy toys, they wouldn't need more since by the time the baby is old enough it would be interested in cars and balls don't really need alot of toys, you'll notice some parents have alot of them and they only play with a small amount it can be overwhelming for the child, we use to put some away for Gena and left some out, then about 6mon later trade the toys so it would be as if she has new ones.....with Angel we have kept it simple thank goodness! Also if its a boy they can have bunk beds!!! awww I had those and loved it! but again as long as this baby is born healthy and I have no medical issues I will be happy and blessed besides if its a girl I know my sister has TONS of beautiful baby girl cloths and the kids can share for a while.....Onis the one not comfortable with a boy and girl sharing but I'm sure it wouldn't be forever......=) Angel has been acting out some, if he doesn't get his way he screams. Its the siren scream that's really high pitched. makes peoples head turn. He will throw himself to the floor if he doesn't want you to take him somewhere and if you say OK bye, he walks away from you, he will be a challenge since he's in the testing stage in his life. He is learning not to pinch, I do pinch him back but not hard to make marks I tell him no that hurts he kisses my arm or where he tried pinching and says I kiss his also to show that it does hurt and we shouldn't, with Gena he's still pinching alot but she wont move him until he's done which doesn't help, Akira will stop him and turn him to face her...she holds his hands and talks to him sternly and says "No pinching! it hurts me...." and he kisses her. She's become a better sister with him since she's older she's been a BIG help lately......she is not on her meds at the moment since she's on break but she's trying really hard to focus when we talk to her and follow directions but I can see its hard for her, but she's rewarded with time on her FB so she loves it lol Gena is acting out when Akira is home, she makes it look like Akira does things but its really her....Oni has caught her more than once, she will not listen and will ignore us or talk back to my in-laws I'm sure she's doing it for attention but now she's being put on time-out......we will also be doing that with Angel of course one minute per age......I do hope and pray by the time this baby is born that the issues will be worked out.......with the younger kids and that Akira continues to be her best.....I LOVE and adore my kids to pieces.....cant wait to add another blessing and LAST blessing....I told my Dr already I will NOT leave until my tubes are tied! haha....OK thanks for cking on us =)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Akira all grown....

Akira has grown-up so quickly, she turned 12 and graduated 6th grade the same week. Since her birthday was falling on her dads weekend, we decided to take her out on Memorial Day, she chose Corvettes Diner.......we were seated in a groovy part of the restaurant, it had black lights and when you would lift your cup or phone from the table it would leave a shadow it was pretty neat. That day she asked me to do her hair, and if she could wear some makeup since it was her special day, oh man! So I straightened her hair, and put some soft pink blush, a coat of mascara and some shimmer eye shadow and she put some lip gloss on and she looked soooo big!!! =( Everyone kept saying she looks more like me, which to her is a compliment.....I HOPE! haha.....anyway my mom and sisters her kids and friends came along with us to have lunch, while there we mentioned that it was her birthday so after she ate, they brought over a BIG ol batch of cotton candy!!! then sang her a birthday song.....she loved it. Later on a friend of ours had a song sent out to her from their speaker it was sweet. After lunch, we went home and had cake and ice cream, which I couldn't touch I was sooo full.....but she enjoyed her day. Days later, she graduated from elementary. She was a roller coaster of emotions, excited scared, sad. The day came and AGAIN mommy did her hair and makeup, her dad was there with his gf and son, his mom and my mom and older sister were there, Oni stayed home and I took the small kids with me. I was so happy to see her finish school but it makes me feel old! after they had some cake and in the auditorium they had a slide show of pictures from the past, she was sooo small when she started in that school!!! I cant believe she will be in Jr High in a few more weeks, Oni has been on her about how she dresses now, she's got a shape on her! so no shorts that we can see booty if you bend over, no holes in your jeans that are close to your crotch area, he hates that on her, and of course no low cut shirts, luckily I have a very modest daughter she hasn't embraced that she has boobies! yay! Which I'm glad about, some girls flaunt them she doesn't........lets hope this stays like that! anyway she's a big girl now and lately has been well behaved, I pray she continues her education until she finished college.....I know its a long way down that road but its a dream that she does what her heart desires be it in music acting or teaching . Thanks for cking on us!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Expecting the unexpected....AGAIN!

So as you may know I'm pregnant, it was totally unplanned but its ok I'm very happy and excited now. Let me tell you first how and when I found out. I was SET on not having anymore.........I made a appointment and saw my Dr and discussed getting my tubed tied, we agreed on the procedure it was going to be a bilateral tubal ligation.....a week later they called me and gave me my appointment for my surgery and for my pre-op....that was a Thursday, the next day I still haven't got my YKW so I took a pregnancy test, I took a test the week before also JUST INCASE...and that time it was negative, but that day it was slow in showing results so my heart dropped..............I saw 2lines, I was shaking and went to the bed room and woke up Oni who was still asleep, I told him "I'm pregnant," all he said was "No your not" so I shook him again and said yes I am go look! he got up and looked and asked if I was mad lol he knew I was not looking for more kids but I was not mad I was scared. I told him I will be ok and I put it away and just finished getting ready, I was shaking so much I couldn't do my makeup. I felt sick ((nervous)) went to work and went to my friends desk and cried.....she asked what was wrong and I told her she was very comforting and said God has his plans you'll be ok......after a few weeks it set in more and me and Oni were ok..... I told my mom and sister and they were in-laws same reaction I kept hearing " Weren't you done??" UM YA! but it happens.....I do know that my kids are BEYOND excited they keep asking if I know what I'm having yet or if its moving yet. My son will only be 2yrs and 1.5mon by the time I'm due which is January 06 , 2013......... I had my first Dr appt yesterday they did the initial 100000000 questions, then it was time for them to ask when my LMP was, ummmm not sure, I have had it every other week for 18mon!!! =( so I got a ultrasound, it made it MORE real.............I saw its little heart flutter, and moving around all I can think was WOW you snuck into my womb and now I love you and cant wait to see and hold you.....yes this baby is a ninja! it knew I was done and thought nope one more mommy! hahaha.....well that's all for now, I do have some symptoms, I am showing since its my 4th child... ((wow)) and I get some nausea but tons of being sleepy....thanks for cking on us.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quick weekend trip

This past Saturday we decide to take the little ones to Sea World, we got new passes since the ones we previously had expired. It would be Angels first time since he's been 1yr last time we went he wasn't fully attentive so this was going to be exciting, first show we saw was Sea Lions Live......his face was PRICELESS!!! He literally covered his mouth giggling!! he wanted the Sea lions he kept telling them to come here lol we couldn't help but laugh. We then let him walk some , keep in mind he's still learning, I will post a video of him but he took a few steps only it was very crowded. He also enjoyed the Shark Encounter he kept growling at them son they aren't scared of you! While daddy and Gena went to another ride he and I snuck away and got some candy =) he loves chocolate so I got us some and heres a picture of him enjoying it.......he ofcourse overate and started spitting them out after the picture!
Me and Gena went on a ride called Rip-tide something lol OMG I wanted to die! it was fast and I honestly felt it was going to break, its located near the Turtles they have there now.......Angel also enjoyed that ALOT.........he kept looking in awww...............I love his new stage of just watching things to see how they go......he does that to his cars also he flips them upside down and just turns the wheels..........
We didn't stay to long it was very cold but they both enjoyed the small trip, Angel passed out for a good 1.5hrs!

Friday, April 20, 2012

First day of basketball practice

Yesterday the girls had their first basketball practice, when I picked up Gena from my in-laws she was so excited and nervous, she couldn't wait! But when I got Akira from school her attitude shined............she said she doesn't want to do it and that its boring to her if she can only do soccer I being the loving mother said "No you will NOT quit before you even try it! You WILL do it because you refuse to do anything else other than sit on the couch and lounge around all day, you refuse to go running with me and this is the ONLY way I can make sure you do something healthy for your body so NO you WILL do both sports" Yes I'm soooo sweet hahaha, ok listen I'm not trying to be a mean pushy mom but if I keep giving in to them then I'm being a push over, I had to remind her that she quit Karate when it got to hard.....I didn't fight her about it at the time, but now I regret not pushing her to keep doing it I refuse to allow my kids to give up when things get hard, its a lesson that even though your not wanting to do something its best to just keep doing it knowing that in the end you'll learn to become a better person, in this case a sport. I took them to practice and of course Angel was a busy body he made me walk him outside where there was grass, God forbid I got close to the doors he would pull away and scream he didn't want to be inside he walked on the grass (alone) and was laughing up a storm because I would walk away from him and telling him "uhoh get me hurry" I watched some of the practice and they were doing pretty good! I have to admit, Akira is really good at catching the sport, she ALMOST made a basket but at first she was just standing there looking pretty holding her arm......ugh I would do the same! lol but then she got into the end I asked them what they thought and Gena LOVED it and wants to keep both sports Akira still didn't want to so I told her no you have NO choice your sticking to this because in Jr High you WILL play different sports its nothing like Elementary and I don't want you to not know how to play and if you don't make it to practice I will have your aunt get you I will be here each time since Gena will be here, she said ok, with an attitude but she said ok lol I know I sound mean but there's very little I push my kids on.....I make sure they make healthy choices...I don't allow certain shows to be watched....but with sports I think if we don't push our kids they will grow up to be lazy and unknowing to any sports..I wish my mom would've pushed me!! I don't think I would've been so over weight if she did......I'm not blaming her I'm just wanting to do things differently, I want the kids to have what I wish I could've had or did have...........Ill be supportive no matter what but certain things are not up to them, I don't know many kids especially Akiras age that want to be active lol wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012